8 Indicators Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

8 Indicators Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

The past several months have been a challenge for your heat pump. High heat and humidity can be a big hindrance to the effort to keep your home comfortable. Our hope is that your heat pump still performed admirably.

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While the warmth that is the status quo for Florida isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, we can all be thankful for some of the milder temperatures we’ve seen as of late. Not only does this allow our heat pumps a break, but it is also the perfect time to get that heating repair in Tampa, FL that your system may need.

8 Signs You Need Repairs

Not sure if your heat pump needs repairs? Here are some of the indicators that you should watch for. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to our team of technicians ASAP.

  1. It is making a hissing sound: When you run your heat pump you might pick up on a hissing sound that isn’t the usual noise that the system makes. Hissing can indicate leaking ductwork or a leaking refrigerant line.
  2. There is a dirty sock smell: Does running your heat pump make your house smell like dirty socks? That isn’t normal. Chances are that you have a clogged condensate line or a hefty level of build-up on your evaporator coil causing this smell.
  3. Your system has irregular cycles: There are two ways that this can appear. The first is when your heat pump just never shuts off and always seems to be running. The other is when your heat pump only runs in short, interrupted spurts. Neither is good for you or your heating system.
  4. You can smell burning electrical parts: Burning wires have a pretty distinct smell to them. If you notice that smell while running your heat pump, shut the system down and call a technician to check things out.
  5. You never get the temperature you request: You want a nice indoor environment that maintains around 75 degrees but instead you are getting a home that never drops below 80. This is a sign of a big problem.
  6. The airflow is weak: You should have steady, strong airflow when you use your heat pump. If you are noticing weak airflow in one or more rooms, or throughout the house, it means your system is in trouble.
  7. Your heat pump is leaking: Are you seeing water marks or other signs of leaking around your heat pump air handler or your condenser unit? This is bad in either location. Leaks can indicate a condensate drain blockage, a frozen evaporator coil, or a refrigerant leak. A technician can identify and address the root cause of a heat pump leak.
  8. Comfort is low but bills are high: Are you noticing that your home comfort has been less than great lately but your energy bills would have you believe you’ve been running your heat pump heavily? This doesn’t add up unless you add in a repair need.

When you need help getting your heat pump back into prime condition, you can come to our team for repairs and additional services.

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