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A heating system is a major investment in your home. It costs a considerable amount of money to install, and every year it is operational, it costs quite a bit to run. So, you want to know that when it does run, it will do so at optimal efficiency and that it will continue to run at that level of efficiency for many years to come. That is why IERNA’s Heating & Cooling offers a full range of heating repair and maintenance services in Tampa, FL.

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As mentioned above, your heating system is a major investment. It needs to run as intended every year to provide ample heating for your entire family without interruptions due to a loss of capacity or a malfunctioning part. Most of these problems can be fully prevented by having a licensed professional visit your home and perform a tune-up once a year.

These annual maintenance visits are best performed in the fall each year, just before the heating season begins. We will visit your home, inspect your system for possible problems and perform a series of routine maintenance tasks such as tightening electrical connections, checking the fan motors, cleaning the heat exchanger and more. When done annually as part of regular maintenance, these tasks keep your system running smoothly and ensure there is no loss in efficiency or need for early repair.


There will be times when your heating system needs repairs when either a part malfunctions due to age or improper installation or a part of the system becomes damaged as part of regular use. Whatever happens, you want to know that whoever you call will be at your home quickly to make repairs and get your heating system back in working order as fast as possible.

If you notice any problems that represent a change from the norm in your heating system, such as a loss in heating capacity, suddenly uneven heating in part or all of your home, strange noises coming from your furnace or heat pump, needing to reset your system frequently to keep it running properly or anything else that might be a major issue interrupting your heating system’s proper operation, now is the time to call IERNA’s Heating & Cooling.

We will work closely with you to ensure your heating system works as intended for years to come and you are never left without it during a particularly cold winter night.

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