If you need custom duct design services, either for a new home construction or an HVAC upgrade, call the duct design experts at IERNA’s Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are EPA and NATE certified, and we are also Bryant certified indoor air quality specialists. After we find the most efficient design for your home, we will install the ducts with quality craftsmanship to ensure that your ductwork will distribute the air throughout your home in a way that maintains an ideal comfort level. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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When building a new home, you’ll need to decide what type of heating and cooling system you want. Many homeowners choose central heating and air because of its cost–effectiveness, especially in larger homes; however, you’ll want to make sure you hire a qualified contractor to install your entire HVAC system. A well–designed duct system should be efficient and provide balanced airflow to maintain the correct amount of air pressure in your home.

The ductwork should also be well–sealed and insulated to prevent air leaks, which are the most common cause of energy loss in homes. Ducts that are located in basements or installed in areas that are not insulated will also cause energy loss. While there are a variety of approaches to proper duct design and installation, the ductwork experts at Ierna’s will find the right solution for your home. Call us any time if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.


If your existing duct system was not installed properly, or hasn’t been maintained by a qualified professional, you could be paying a lot more in utilities due to faulty ductwork. At Ierna’s, we provide a variety of duct services—including duct sealing—to improve airflow and the overall efficiency of your home comfort system. We also provide duct testing services to locate the source of any issues within your duct system.

Insufficient airflow can be solved in a number of ways, such as simply adding more return–air grille or installing extra ductwork. Hot and cold spots in the home can be resolved by custom HVAC ductwork, or you may need to simply add insulation or seal air leaks. We also provide zone control upgrades by installing dampers to provide proper air balance and better home efficiency. Don’t hesitate to call our NATE–certified technicians any time to learn more about how we can improve your HVAC and duct systems.


When you need a contractor you can trust to provide quality duct services, call the custom ductwork technicians at IERNA’s Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are certified to design and install ductwork for new home constructions, or we can upgrade your current duct system to a more efficient design. We want all of our customers to have better home comfort without paying a fortune, and we know you need to be able to rely on your duct system, so that’s why we are committed to providing quality craftsmanship. Whether you need new ductwork installed, or you are considering replacing or upgrading your current duct system, don’t hesitate to contact our team any time.

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