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When having a new furnace installed, the last thing you think about is whether it will continue to work in 5–10 years. After such a large investment, you probably just assume it will. However, a furnace, like any complex piece of equipment will only work efficiently over time if it is properly maintained. To ensure the systems keep working as well as they did on the day they were installed, IERNA’s Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive furnace repair and maintenance services.

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If your furnace is not working properly or if you would like to have it inspected as part of routine annual maintenance, give us a call today and ask to talk with one of our furnace repair and maintenance specialists.


Every year, you can invest a small amount of money in your furnace that will almost certainly ensure it lasts much longer, works much better and uses less electricity or gas to provide ample heating to your home. An annual furnace tune up is an incredibly effective way to get as much as possible out of your home’s heating system. For this reason alone, it is highly recommended that you have it performed once every year before the heating season begins.

During an annual furnace tune–up, we will inspect your heating system thoroughly and check for common problems like loose wiring, dirty heat exchangers, friction developing in the fan blower motor, dirty ductwork or improper calibration of your thermostat. There are a number of simple adjustments and tweaks that can be made each year during these visits that will almost instantly improve the operation of your home’s heating system.

There are a few reasons why this is good. First, it ensures your home is properly heated all winter without any concerns for malfunctions or repair calls. Second, it keeps your furnace operating at peak efficiency for much longer without the natural loss experienced in most systems. Finally, it catches problems before they occur and ensures your system lasts longer overall than it would have otherwise.


While it is less likely when a tune–up is performed annually, if you find yourself in need of furnace repair services from one of our furnace repair technicians, call us right away. IERNA’s Heating & Cooling is EPA and NATE certified meaning we can operate on any major brand or type of furnace and fix the problem quickly, so you are left without heat for as little time as possible.

Whatever your heating repair and maintenance needs are, call us today to ensure you get the expert care you need to remain comfortable all winter long. Contact us today!

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