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When you have a new air conditioner installed in your home, you likely expect it to work properly for years to come. That system is designed to provide ample cooling for your entire family for at least 10–15 years, so the last thing you have on your mind is repair services or maintenance. However, one of the most effective ways to ensure your air conditioner makes it the full length of its manufacturer–rated lifespan (or longer) is to have a licensed professional such as IERNA’s Heating & Cooling visit your home once or twice a year and inspect your air conditioner.

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For this reason, we offer comprehensive air conditioning repair and maintenance services designed to keep all major brands of air conditioners running like new for years at a time. Our technicians are EPA and NATE certified and can work on any major brand of air conditioner, whether for a routine checkup or an emergency repair visit. Contact us today.


Because of the year round sunshine and frequently high humidity in Florida, your air conditioner will work a great deal each year. That means it is on for hundreds of hours – sometimes consecutively – and will quickly start to show signs of wear and tear if not properly maintained.

Our maintenance staff is trained to provide comprehensive tune–up services for all major brands of air conditioner. This means we can visit your home, inspect your system and make adjustments and repairs as needed to keep your system running like new for years to come. During our maintenance visits, we clean the coils and filters, tighten electrical connections, check the compressor motor and lubricate all fan motor bearings and belt paths. We also check your thermostat and ductwork and perform a point to point test of the system to ensure it is working properly when activated.

This process takes less than two hours, but when performed every 6–12 months as part of regular maintenance, it can vastly increase not only the lifespan of your air conditioner, but also its efficiency rating on a yearly basis. We offer this service for all residential and commercial buildings.


There will be times when, despite your best efforts, a problem develops in your air conditioning system. If this happens, we recommend calling us right away for a repair visit. We can come to your home, inspect your air conditioning system and perform necessary repairs on the spot. If a complete HVAC system replacement is needed – we offer free estimates, and we will never pressure you to make a purchase for your system.

For all of your air conditioning repair in Tampa, contact the experts of IERNA’s Heating & Cooling today. We will work closely with you to ensure your home has the cooling system needed to keep your family cool all year.

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