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Water Leak Repair and Detection Services in Tampa, FL

Water leaks can be downright disasters. A small leak can grow over time and lead to harmful mold or mildew growth. Meanwhile, larger leaks can cause serious damage to a home. Because of this, stopping leaks of any kind is a necessity. However, leaks can be hard to detect until they start causing damage. This makes them even more of a danger to any home. 

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So, fixing any leak issue is a combination of water leak detection and repair. This article will explore some reasons behind leaks, signs of leaks, and steps to fixing leaks. 

Common Reasons Why Leaks Occur

In most cases, leaks don’t just occur randomly. They are the result of something going wrong within the system.

Common problems include: 

  • Excess water pressure: If the water pressure is too high, it stresses the pipes and their connections. If this becomes too much, a leak will occur. 
  • Cracked pipes: Pipes can crack due to dramatic fluctuations in temperature, excess pressure, or external factors that force a crack. In any of these cases, a leak will often occur due to the cracked pipe. 
  • Pipe corrosion: Pipes are prone to corrosion. This is especially true in pipes that have to transport low-quality water. In these cases, the water will cause corrosion that will eat away at the pipe until it springs a leak. 

Signs You Might Have a Leak

While it isn’t always obvious that there is a leak in the home, there are signs that can indicate one is present. Following along with these signs can assist with pipe leak detection. 

Common signs include: 

  • Random wet spots or stains on the walls and ceilings: These are places where the leak is actively causing damage to a portion of the house. 
  • A decrease in water pressure: If a pipe is leaking, it will change the water pressure within that pipe. This can be noticed in a drop in water pressure for certain fixtures. 
  • The sound of water: If you notice the sound of water dripping or running within the home’s walls, it may be due to a leak. 
  • A higher-than-average water bill: A sudden increase in your home’s water bill is a sign of concern. It may indicate that water is leaking and, in doing so, driving the bill upwards. 
  • The smell of mildew: Water leaks can cause mildew to grow. If this happens enough, it can produce a noticeable smell
  • Damp carpets or warped floors: Water will cause all sorts of damage around the home. However, it is very noticeable on carpets and floors. If you notice that the carpet is wet or the hardwood floors seem to be warping as a result of water damage, then your home likely has a leak. 

You can also trust a professional plumbing service to find the leak for you. Some companies provide advanced water leak detection services that allow them to quickly and easily determine if a leak is present. 

What to Do If You Find a Leak

If you’ve found a water leak in the house, you must act immediately. Doing so will allow you to prevent an already bad situation from becoming worse. 

Contain the Issue

When you find a leak, the first thing to do is turn off the water. Shutting off the water completely prevents the leak from putting more water into your home, which will damage it. 

Since this is such an important initial step, every homeowner should know how to shut off the water in their home. This way, they can do it immediately without looking up how to do so while a leak is happening. 

Next, the electricity should be turned off as well. If water starts to pool and comes into contact with electricity, it can cause an electric shock. This can cause harm on top of causing property damage. 

Contact Professionals

Once the issue is somewhat contained, professionals need to be called. They will be able to fix the leak and address any other issues that have arisen as a result. Pipe leak repair like this will be necessary before the home’s water returns to normal.

Emergency plumbers will be able to provide water leak repair services immediately. This way, you can have your house functioning again before you know it. 

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We also provide non-emergency services. We are professional, licensed plumbers with the capability to handle any job. Our expert plumbers can help with everything ranging from Florida leak detection to replacing the plumbing in your home. You can even book an appointment online so that the entire process is simplified from start to finish. 

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