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3 Ways That Dirty Ducts Will Hinder Your Comfort

3 Ways That Dirty Ducts Will Hinder Your Comfort

A freeway clogged with debris isn’t going to be helpful to the cars traveling on it. Likewise, a set of ducts filled with built-up debris won’t be helpful to the air traveling through them.

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Your ductwork is the delivery system for the conditioned air that your home comfort system produces. It stands to reason that whatever is or isn’t in your ducts will impact that airflow. Our team provides duct cleaning in Tampa, FL to make sure that nothing hinders your home comfort.

Wondering what kind of impact dirty ducts can have on your home? Let’s look at why dirt really can hurt, at least when it is filling up your ductwork.


How Dirty Ducts Impact Your Home Environment

You may not think that dust collecting in your ductwork is that big of a deal. While it isn’t as severe a problem as a system breakdown, it can still be an issue that seriously impacts your comfort. Here are three ways that overly dirty ductwork can mess with your indoor environment.

Slows down the airflow into your house

If there is enough debris in your ductwork for you to notice it, then this is likely because you have weakened airflow. Build-up within your ductwork can slow down the flow of air entering your home which means that it takes even longer for you to get to the temperature that you want. As you can guess this also increases your energy usage and strains your HVAC system

They make the air harder to filter

When you have extra dirt and debris in your ductwork it will end up being picked up and carried through your system each time you run your air conditioner. Your air has to go through an air filter before it gets into your air conditioner though. This means that your air filter is going to get much dirtier much faster and it also means that the airflow is likely to be harder to filter properly so it can get into your air conditioner.

Dirtier air is harder to cool down

Air that is carrying extra dirt and debris is going to be harder to cool off. This is because all that excess debris will hinder the ability of your air conditioner to pull out heat and also make it harder to push the newly cooled air into your home. Additionally, dirty air is going to create a layer of dirt on your evaporator coil that much faster which will create even bigger comfort issues.

Solve the Problem With Expert Duct Cleaning

As we mentioned before, there is a solution to the issue of dirty ductwork. Scheduling an appointment for professional duct cleaning is going to benefit you in more ways than one. First and foremost, it’s going to remove all the debris from within your ductwork, thereby improving your airflow again. What’s more, when there’s no debris left in your ducts it means that it will no longer be repeatedly cycled through your home.

It is always best to get the service done by a professional technician like the ones on our team. Anyone else is going to put your ductwork at risk of additional damage.

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