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How Leaking Refrigerant Ruins Your Comfort

How Leaking Refrigerant Ruins Your Comfort

When we think about a leak, we usually think about our plumbing pipes. This isn’t the only place that a leak can occur though. You can also encounter leaks in your air conditioner too. But the concern here isn’t about when your AC is leaking water (although that isn’t good either). We are talking about when your AC develops a refrigerant leak.

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Refrigerant is the thing that makes your air conditioner what it is. Without this fluid, your system would essentially just serve as a whole-house fan. And while those fans can come in handy, if you have an air conditioner you deserve a system that works how it is meant to–by creating cold air.

So, is your system leaking refrigerant? Let’s look at how to tell, why it is such a problem, and how to fix it.

What refrigerant does

You need refrigerant for any system to provide air conditioning repair in Trinity, FL. This is because this substance acts as a heat transfer medium. Your AC will evaporate the refrigerant to turn it into a gas which allows it to absorb heat. From there it travels out of your home and is condensed to release that heat outside.

It isn’t a fuel

There is a common misconception that refrigerant serves as something like a fuel source for your AC. The only “fuel” your air conditioner needs is hot air to cool off and electricity to keep things running. Refrigerant is not a fuel and it does not get used up. If you have a refrigerant leak, it means you have a problem.

Refrigerant leaks mean trouble

Much like how a leaking pipe for your sink is a problem, a leak in your AC refrigerant line is bad news. Regular use and wear and tear over the years can cause any AC to develop a refrigerant leak. It isn’t so much if you encounter this problem but rather how quickly you patch it up.

When your AC loses refrigerant, it can’t cool things off as effectively. This forces it to work harder and for longer amounts of time. In turn, this worsens the condition of your system and can lead to additional issues like a frozen evaporator coil, short cycling, and more. A refrigerant leak should be identified and patched as quickly as possible.

Handling refrigerant leaks

This isn’t something you can solve with duct tape. You need a professional to perform your AC system repair. A technician with the right training and tools can find the leak, patch it correctly, and, here’s the important part, recharge your refrigerant level. They know exactly how to do this so your AC doesn’t have too much or too little refrigerant, ensuring that it is in optimal condition again.

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