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3 Ways We Can Help Your Indoor Air Quality

3 Ways We Can Help Your Indoor Air Quality

When you walk through a dust cloud, do you take a big breath? Of course not!

Dust and other airborne debris are contaminants that you want to keep out of your lungs. That’s why when we hear that the air quality outside is poor, we try to stay indoors. The problem is that the air quality in your home can be even worse!

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Contaminants can easily build up in your home, making it harder to stay comfortable and ruining your indoor air quality. Thankfully, there is more than one way to clear the air in your home and our team is here to provide the best systems and services to get the job done.

3 Ways to Get Cleaner Air In Your Home This Year

You deserve to enjoy air quality in your home that helps your comfort and your HVAC system operation. Here are three ways that we can help you achieve that goal.

  1. Install an air filter or purifier: One of the best ways to help your air quality is by installing and using an indoor air quality system such as an air filtration system and/or air purification system. The air filter uses a semi-permeable membrane to capture dust and clean your airflow. Similarly, an air purifier, such as a UV germicidal light, tackles dust and dirt along with mold spores, viruses, and bacteria using UV light.
  2. Schedule duct cleaning: Over time, your ductwork is going to become a place where contaminants settle and collect in. The best way to address this is through professional duct cleaning in Trinity, FL. This service removes built-up dirt and debris from your ducts without causing damage to them. This is a service that you should only need every few years.
  3. Keep your filter clean: The air filter for your HVAC system removes a good deal of debris from your air. While the purpose of this filter is to protect your HVAC system rather than your indoor air quality, it can still offer a helping hand! Checking and changing your air filter every one to three months can make a huge difference in the operation of your HVAC system and can help improve your IAQ.

How to Tell You Need Help With Your Air Quality

Not sure whether or not you actually need to improve the quality of the air in your home? There are some warning signs to watch for which can include:

  • Respiratory trouble: Do you have issues with allergies that are just getting worse? Maybe you’ve noticed that you are starting to struggle with respiratory problems when you weren’t before. This could be due to having dirty air.
  • Increased dust and mold: You dust around the home constantly and do your best to keep things clean but it seems to make no difference. This may be due to a problem with poor indoor air quality in the home.
  • Decreased clean air: Maybe the airflow from your HVAC is getting weaker and, when you look at it, dirtier! This is a big indicator that you have poor air quality that needs to be addressed ASAP.

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