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Answering Your Heat Pump FAQs

Answering Your Heat Pump FAQs

Technology has advanced at an incredible rate in the past fifty years alone. This has left us with the need to keep ourselves abreast of many new pieces of technology. But it has also left us benefiting (in most cases) from that technology too. One advancement that has been a huge benefit to just about everyone is the heat pump mini split.

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Heat pumps offer home comfort along with some great perks to go with it. And these systems are always improving too! If you are curious about heat pumps, and especially if you’re wondering if this is a good system for your home, read on! We’ll answer some of the biggest Frequently Asked Questions about heat pumps here.

What makes heat pumps different

Heat pumps have a similar function to air conditioners but with a couple of big defining differences.

For one thing, an indoor unit takes the form of an air handler that may be mounted on a wall in the home. This means that when repairs are needed, your technician has easier access to the system, rather than trying to get the job done in the attic or basement.

Another big defining factor is that your heat pump can reverse its flow of refrigerant, allowing it to offer cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Does every heat pump require ductwork?

Heat pumps are able to provide comfort with and without ductwork. This is something that can make this type of system incredibly versatile.

Let’s be clear though: you cannot have a ductless heat pump and switch it over to a ducted system. This would require a full system replacement.

Ducted and ductless heat pumps are great for most homes, especially as they can serve as your whole-home comfort solution. Just make sure that you discuss which is the best type for your home. (Hint: if you don’t have ductwork already, a ductless system is probably the best way to go.)

How often do heat pumps need maintenance?

Yes, a heat pump system requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly. In fact, a heat pump needs more maintenance than an air conditioner. This is because it serves the job of two systems: an AC and a heater.

Because of this, you need spring maintenance to prepare for the cooling season while you also need fall maintenance to prepare for the winter heating season.

Can I tune up or fix my heat pump myself?

We understand the inclination to try your hand at a DIY fix. However, heat pumps aren’t something that you should use a Youtube video for guidance to get it running properly again.

While these systems may be somewhat easier to manage than a standard central AC unit, any heat pump repair in Tampa, FL should still be left to a professional. We can address odd sounds, weakened airflow, and increased energy bills. We have the tools and the expertise to get the job done right.

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