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Why Your Heater is Making That Noise

Why Your Heater is Making That Noise

In most cases, heating systems don’t run silently. Even heat pumps whoosh when they produce heated air. But this doesn’t mean that every sound a heat makes is a good one.

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It is beneficial to be able to tell apart the good, normal noises that your heater is creating apart from the bad ones that should alert you it is time for a call your local heating technician.

We want to help you figure out how to differentiate the good from the bad so we have listed the possible noises your heating system might make below. If you realize that the sounds you have been hearing lately are indicators that you need a Tampa heater repair, make sure you contact us for help sooner than later!

What’s That Noise?

There are multiple different sounds that a heating system can make, some good and some bad. Knowing the difference can save you time, money, and trouble. Here are some sounds you should know more about:


Rattling is always going to indicate a problem, whether it is coming from a furnace or a heat pump. If you hear rattling in your heat pump it is likely that there is a part within it that is loose that needs to be tightened or fixed.

For your furnace, however, rattling can mean 1) there is a problem with your ductwork or 2) you have a cracked heat exchanger.

Whatever the case may be, rattling sounds should prompt a call for repairs.


Hissing is another noise that indicates a problem in both system types but of differing magnitudes. In a heat pump, hissing could be caused by a refrigerant leak or by a clogged up filter. In a furnace, hissing might be due to a duct leak or a gas leak.

Again, this noise should be greeted by a repair service in the near future.


Screeching sounds scary because it shouldn’t be ignored. For both heat pumps and furnaces, screeching is caused by a problem with the blower motor. It could be that metal is scraping on metal due to the fan coming apart or it could be that the motor itself needs to be lubricated. Your best course of action is having a professional examine your system ASAP.


Clicking is normal until it isn’t. Let us explain.

Clicking in your heat pump is caused by the electrical components responding to the command of the thermostat and kicking the system on. Likewise, your furnace emits a clicking noise when the igniter is trying to light the burners to create heat.

Clicking is normal as long as it only lasts a short time. If you are still hearing clicking after a few minutes though, contact a heating contractor for repairs.

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