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Signs Your Heater May Be in Trouble

Signs Your Heater May Be in Trouble

It is never pleasant to wake up one day and realize that your heater isn’t operating properly. With that said, it can be hard to tell whether or not your heater is having trouble before the heat is lost or lacking enough to be noticed.

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That is, it’s hard to tell what the warning signs are unless you know what you’re looking for. Understanding the signals that tell you when it is time to schedule a Tampa heating repair appointment can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money—it can help you keep more comfortable too!

Warning Sounds

The first indicator that most of our customers catch is a concerning sound that might come from their heating system. These sounds can include:

  • Rattling: This may be an indicator of a problem with your heat exchanger and should be addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Screeching: If your heater sounds like it is screaming at you, it is probably due to a problem within the blower motor.
  • Booming: If you hear booming, turn off your furnace. This sound is caused by a small explosion inside the furnace due to gas build-up created by burners that aren’t igniting properly.

Problematic Sounds and Smells

These indicators are also reliable for telling you when your heating system is on the fritz. All too often, however, we have clients that may not pick up on their importance. These are some of the signs that you can see and smell that should alert you:

  • The smell of gas: The smell of gas should always be a cause for concern. In this case, it means there is a leak somewhere within your heating system. Turn the heater off and call a professional ASAP.
  • The smell of something burning: If there is a burning smell coming from your vents or from your heat pump air handler, it is probable that there is an electrical component being burned.
  • The sight of a utility bill that is too high: Did your last energy bill blow you away? If yes, don’t ignore it as a result of poor practice on your part—especially if you know you have been employing best practices! High utility bills may indicate a problem with your heater that is affecting its energy efficiency.

I Need a Repair! What Now?

If you used this list and identified one or two concerning indicators that are telling you that your heater needs repairs, don’t delay. Your best course of action will be to contact a professional HVAC technician. A professional will be able to diagnose and repair whatever the problem is within your heater in a timely manner.

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