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What To Do When Your Toilet is Leaking

What To Do When Your Toilet is Leaking

Realizing that there is a leak in your home is problematic to start with. However, discovering that your toilet is the source of the leak adds some complications to what is already a potentially expensive issue.

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Not only can a toilet leak create the same risk of water damage that other leaks present, but it can also be a pretty big problem for your health and safety. This is why you need to get a toilet leak addressed as quickly as possible by a professional Lutz, Fl plumber. The sooner your issue is resolved, the better it will be for the sake of you, your home, and the operation of your bathroom as a whole.

Discovering a Toilet Leak

First things first, you should want to make sure that it is, in fact, a leak in your toilet that is your problem and not something else. Here are some signs that let you know that your toilet has a leak that needs to be dealt with:

  • You need to nudge or jiggle the handle to get your toilet to stop running.
  • Your toilet seems to start running by itself without cause.
  • You can see water flowing into the toilet bowl after its finished flushing.
  • There is water on the ground under the toilet tank or around the base of the toilet.

Why a Toilet Leak is a Big Deal

Once you have definitely identified that your toilet is the problem, you may start wondering if it is really a big enough deal to try to get it fixed right away. We can promise you that a toilet leak is not an issue to postpone a fix on for a few reasons.

  • You will end up paying far more for water as a leaky toilet gulps it down.
  • Your toilet will end up having trouble operating properly
  • Water that is leaking onto the floor will cause water damage or create black mold.

Fixing the Issue

It is easy to see that encountering a leaking toilet is a pretty big issue and it is one that you really want to get fixed fast. So what are the steps to getting your toilet back in working order?

  • Step 1. Turn off the water. You shouldn’t need to waste any more water than you have unless this is the only toilet in your home. Turn off the water feeding the leaky toilet to avoid more wasted water.
  • Step 2. Identify the issue. To the best of your abilities, see if you can identify whether your leak is in your tank, around the base of the toilet, or somewhere else. This is helpful for the plumber who will be fixing your toilet.
  • Step 3. Schedule a professional plumbing repair with an expert from IERNA’s Heating & Cooling. Plumbing repairs, especially with appliances as important as your toilet, should always be left to the professionals.

Hopefully, this information has given you a good starting point to addressing any problematic toilets in your home. If you have a toilet that is leaking and needs repair, make sure you schedule an appointment with us ASAP.

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