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Tips For Efficient AC Use

Tips For Efficient AC Use

It is safe to say that your air conditioner sees the most action throughout the majority of the year. So you don’t mind having incredibly high bills as a result, right?

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You should be able to use your air conditioner without getting bills that are too high. In fact, extremely high energy bills are often a sign of a problem. Maybe the problem is with how you are using your system or it could be a sign that you need air conditioning repair in Tampa, FL.

Let’s hope for the best and say you need to adjust how you run your AC. Here are some tips to help you get maximum efficiency from your AC so you can keep cool at a reasonable cost. If these tips don’t drop your monthly dues though, our team is here to help with expert repairs too.

3 Ways to Run Your Air Conditioner More Efficiently

Use these tips to start using your AC in a more efficient manner.

1. Work within your air conditioner’s temperature limits

Have you heard of a temperature differential? If you haven’t, allow us a moment to give you a brief overview.

This is essentially the limit within which your air conditioner and thermostat can work. Your AC can only go about 20° cooler than the outside temperature. For example, if it is 100° outside your air conditioner can only cool the inside of the home to 80°. Working within that temperature differential is going to help you get the best comfort possible without a higher cost. Trying to drive the temperature inside the house lower can increase your energy bills and harm your system.

2. Keep thermostat settings reasonable

Aside from working within the temperature differential of your system, there is actually an ideal temperature setting then you can incorporate using. According to the Department of Energy, you will get optimal efficiency from your system if you set your thermostat to about 78° during the day. This setting allows you to keep the house reasonably cool without using excessive amounts of energy.

3. Make sure you have all doors and windows closed with running the system.

Do you want your air conditioner to work hard to create cool air for your home that simply gets whisked outside before it even touches you? Probably not! However, if you leave a door or window in your home open while running your AC this is exactly what is happening. The next time you go to turn on your air conditioner make sure to check all of your doors and windows first to ensure they are closed tight. That way you are keeping all the cool air that your air conditioner work so hard to create in your home where it belongs.

When Your AC Needs Extra Help, Come To Us

Are you doing everything possible to be efficient in your air conditioner use but still noticing high energy bills? In this case, the issue probably lies within a problem in your system. In situations like these, it is best to reach out to a professional team like ours for repairs.

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