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Is a Heat Pump A Match For Your Home?

Is a Heat Pump A Match For Your Home?

Living in Florida means that you are going to have one big challenge throughout the year: keeping your home cool! We see warm weather and humidity more often than we do cold temperatures so your air conditioner is going to have a big job on its hands. That means it pays to have a highly efficient system in your home.

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If you are looking to get a great system for air conditioning in Tampa, FL why not consider a heat pump mini split? These are both powerful and more space-savvy systems that can work in just about any home. If you aren’t sure whether a heat pump is right for you, let us give you some extra information so you can see if this system is a good match.

What Makes a Heat Pump Different?

What exactly makes a heat pump different than the standard central air conditioner? While they are both split systems, a heat pump is known as a mini split system. Why? Because the indoor evaporator unit is replaced by a heat pump rather than a full size indoor unit. This allows it to take up less space while still offering powerful, effective comfort.

Other Benefits of a Heat Pump

Of course, a heat pump’s benefit doesn’t just stop with its physical setup. Additional benefits of this system include:

  • The ability to be ducted or ductless. Heat pumps can connect to your existing ductwork to become a ducted system–meaning if you are switching away from a central AC your ductwork won’t go to waste. However, if you don’t have ductwork, don’t want ductwork, or can’t fit or afford ductwork, a heat pump can still be a great fit because you can choose a ductless version!
  • The ability to provide comfort year-round. Let’s be blunt–living in Florida means you don’t really need a super-strong heater all that often. However, when it does get cold you do at least want an effective heating system to keep things warm. Thankfully, a heat pump can provide. Due to their ability to reverse their flow of refrigerant, a heat pump can both cool down and heat up your home!
  • Efficiency and effectivenessAll too often people encounter new technology only to discover that convenience comes at the price of effectiveness. Not so with a heat pump!  Heat pump mini splits are going to be just as effective and efficient as their larger central AC counterparts. That means you’re still getting top-tier Energy efficiency and effectiveness along with technological improvements.

Choosing Your AC system

While heat pumps are incredible systems, they may not be the best choice for every home. How can you be sure about whether this system is right for you? The best way to find out is to talk with a professional technician who can assess your home comfort needs and discern if this system is the right fit.

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