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4 Sounds an Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Make

4 Sounds an Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Make

Are you wondering if your air conditioner is working properly? Do you hear odd noises from the unit? An AC unit is rarely silent, and you will hear certain sounds while it is on. For instance, you might hear the compressor starting up. You might also hear a gentle rattling sound from the ductwork. That said, there are certain sounds that an air conditioner shouldn’t make. 

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These sounds typically indicate some kind of underlying issue which means your unit may be in need of repair. Here we highlight some of the most common noises that you might hear when your AC is malfunctioning. Paying attention to these sounds can help you arrange for timely air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel, FLOn the other hand, if you ignore these sounds, then a minor repair may become a major expense.

1. Rattling and Clanging Sounds

A rattling, banging, or clanging sound indicates that certain parts inside your air conditioner be coming loose or have already come loose. You may also hear this sound if any leaves or twigs have caused a blockage in the system. 

Clanging and banging noises may be indicative of problems in the AC’s compressor too. This component distributes refrigerant and extracts heat from the room to release it outside. If you have an old unit, a nut or bolt in the compressor may have become loose, producing the clanging sound you hear.

2. Hissing Noises

Hissing noises typically imply a refrigerant leak in your AC. The coil that carries the refrigerant may have developed a crack or a hole. Low levels of refrigerant can compromise the performance of your unit. The leaking chemical can also be harmful to human health. If you hear this, we suggest you schedule for AC repair immediately. 

3. Bubbling Sounds

Bubbling or gurgling sounds in your AC unit indicate an issue in the refrigerant lines. The bubbling sound could be due to air trapped in the lines because they are leaking. In other cases, you may also hear a gurgling sound caused by clogs in your condensate drain line. 

4. Screeching Sounds

If you hear a screeching sound from the AC, it could be because the belt that connects the fan motor to the blower has slipped. Screeching noises are also indicative of poor lubrication in motor bearings, making it difficult for them to work properly. If you hear this sound, we recommend calling a technician for AC repair so they can investigate the problem before it gets worse.  

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If you keep hearing one or more of these sounds from your AC, we suggest you call a technician to investigate the problem. Taking care of it early can help you avoid any costly repairs to your AC. 

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