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Is the Thermostat Causing Your Cooling Trouble?

Is the Thermostat Causing Your Cooling Trouble?

Data shows that more than 75 million households across the U.S. have central air conditioning systems. Given the hot summers that we get in the south, having a reliable system for air conditioning in Wesley Chapel, FL is a must.

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The thermostat is one of the most important components in any AC system. Even minor problems in the thermostat can resemble more serious issues with your HVAC unit. Thermostat problems can directly impact the performance of your cooling system and lead to bigger issues down the line.

Here are some of the common problems with the thermostat that can impact your air conditioner.

Why Your Thermostat May Be In Trouble

The main purpose of the thermostat is to control how long your air conditioner runs. The thermostat tells your AC what temperature the house needs to get to. If it is not doing that correctly, or not doing it at all, then your thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some of the issues a thermostat can encounter:

  1. Old age. Thermostats become worn out over time. Older thermostats start creating more problems than new ones. Like most other components on your AC, the thermostat is not going to last forever. You can fix this issue by replacing the thermostat with a new unit.
  2. Miscalibration. The thermostat has internal sensors that must be calibrated correctly to detect the temperature in your home properly. With regular wear and tear, the efficiency of these components is lost and the thermostat starts issuing erroneous commands. This will lead to problems with the air conditioner running too long or too briefly. This problem can be fixed by recalibrating the thermostat to the proper setting.
  3. Unresponsive display. If the thermostat display shuts down completely, you won’t be able to change any of the settings. This can happen due to problems in the wiring or due to worn-out batteries. It can also occur due to a burned-out thermostat unit. A professional can check it to identify the issue and repair or replace it accordingly.
  4. Loose wires. The wires that connect your thermostat to the AC and provide it with power can become loose over time. If this happens you may notice delays in its response time or a lack of response from the AC unit. Have a professional check the wiring for the thermostat is correct.
  5. Electrical issues. Have you noticed that using the thermostat has caused circuit trips on your electrical panel? Once isn’t that bad but repeated trips can indicate trouble. A professional can tell you whether those tripped circuits are a sign your thermostat is on its last leg or whether you have an electrical panel issue.

Many issues with the thermostat can be fixed through repairs. Timely maintenance ensures that problems are detected early and corrected before they get too big to fix. If a thermostat is too far gone though, you can always upgrade too.

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