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Is Now a Good Time to Have a Ductless System Installed?


While a large part of the country is getting ready for chilly weather in the coming months, we’re still experiencing temperatures in the 70s and higher. However, even so, our temperatures have cooled off a bit and that actually makes now the perfect time to consider an air conditioning system replacement.

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Living in a climate such as ours makes a ductless mini split system a great option. This is because they perform at their best in areas with hot summers and mild winters. We’re excited to share more about these types of systems and the many benefits of them below. Keep reading to learn more!

The Ductless Mini Split

Referred to as ductless mini splits or simply even just ductless systems, these HVAC units do not use ductwork to cool or heat your home. Rather, they utilize individual, wall-mounted units that circulate the air in each different zone or area of your home.

Ductless systems can be quickly installed by our highly trained staff as instead of the complex installation of ducts, we need only to install a few refrigerant lines and electrical wires that connect them to a central outdoor condensing unit. This refrigerant is what removes the heat from your home and carries it to the outdoor unit where it is exhausted outside.

The Benefits of Going Ductless

Energy efficiency is one of the primary advantages of going ductless. The air ducts in traditional HVAC systems are a source of energy loss. As conditioned air moves through the ducts, it can be lost through breaches or even absorb or lose heat through the duct lining. This reduces your system’s efficiency and requires it to use more energy to condition your home.

Zone control is another large benefit to utilizing a ductless system. A central AC system, for example, forces you to cool your entire home—even those rooms that are not currently being occupied. Since ductless systems use several wall-mounted unites, each one’s temperature can be adjusted independently of each other. This means that if you’re just using one area of your home, you don’t have to waste energy conditioning the rest of your house.

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