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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?


When something goes wrong with your air conditioner, the obvious question is, “should it be replaced, or can I get by repairing it?” Naturally, having repairs done is most ideal, especially since repairs on a central AC unit are going to cost less than replacing the system altogether, most likely.

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Many HVAC issues can in fact be repaired by our highly trained and experienced professionals. But there are a few factors that may exist which indicate it is actually time for your AC system to be replaced, rather than repaired. Keep reading to learn more.


This is a very good indicator of whether or not you should replace your air conditioner. Most AC units have a lifespan of 10-15 years. You can find your specific systems’ expected service life on its cabinet. If your air conditioner is already beyond that estimate, then you’ll likely notice a decline in efficiency and effectiveness, signaling that it’s time for a replacement.

A Spike in Energy Bills

Although the temperatures won’t drop as nearly as much as they are in the Midwest and other areas of the east coast, we are beginning to use our air conditioners less and less. Therefore if you notice a rise in your utility bills, or that your bills aren’t dropping with decreased use, then your unit may be wearing out to a point that repairs will no longer help.


Is your AC system creating a racket when it runs, when it never did before? If so, it’s likely because it’s suffered too much stress over the years.

High Repair Costs

If your next air conditioner repair is going to cost over half of what it would cost to replace your air conditioner, then it’s not worth proceeding. These expensive repairs only add up, and that money you are spending is money that would be better spent on a new, more efficient, AC system.

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