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Why Does Water Still Come from My Bathtub Faucet When the Shower is On?


Is your diverter valve working? Do you know what a diverter valve is? Chances are that you do not, and you aren’t alone. The average homeowner doesn’t understand why their bathtub faucet still leaks water while their shower is running. They may not even see the problem with it. The diverter valve, however, is the answer to this.

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What Is the Diverter Valve?

Valves are an integral part of your entire plumbing system. They are used to turn on your sinks, garden hoses, bathtubs, and showers. Valves are also responsible for determining the temperature of your water when turning on the sink or shower.

You’ve very likely never heard the term “diverter valve.” This is the valve that you turn, push, or pull on to direct the water coming from your bathtub’s faucet to the showerhead instead. It literally diverts the water from the faucet to the shower.

Diverter Valves Don’t Last Forever

Just like any other component of your plumbing system, your diverter valve accrues wear and tear over the years, until eventually you might notice you have water leaking from your bathtub faucet when you attempt to use the shower. When water is forced through a small number of holes in the valve, water pressure is built up until its send up through the shower’s pipe and out of the showerhead.

If the diverter is malfunctioning, then not only will you not have the high water pressure you’re used to during your shower, but you’ll also be wasting the water that you pay for. There are a few reasons that issues can occur with a diverter.

One reason is that it may be blocked by lime scale or calcium buildup. Another problem may be a broken washer, which will prevent the diverter from closing as tightly as it should. One last possible source of diverter breakdown is corrosion. No matter the cause, our team can quickly and happily inspect and resolve the issue so that you can enjoy your showers as you should!

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