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Improving the Quality of Your Home’s Air


When it comes to the quality of your home, most Florida residents think about humidity. No matter what time of the year it is, humidity levels play a huge role in your overall comfort, health, and even the condition of your home. However, as important as this is, it’s not the only indoor air quality consideration you should be making.

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One of the problems that humidity can promote in your home is the development of mold. A dehumidifier will help resolve this problem in your home, but what about in your ductwork? There are parts of your HVAC system that are wet, or damp. In fact, your ductwork makes the perfect host for the development of mold and mildew. Not only should you have your ductwork routinely cleaned, you’d do well to invest in UV germicidal lights to eliminate harmful microorganisms such as this.

Dust Accumulation

Whether you rely solely on an air filter or an electronic air cleaner, the dust and dander it filters out of the air still needs to be cleaned up. While these devices help keep dust out of your air, the dust still has to settle somewhere—a metal plate within your air filtration device or on the surfaces of your home. You do want to make sure you clean this dust on a regular basis so you can maintain the good indoor air quality these devices provide.

HVAC Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t realize how much simply taking care of their HVAC system can impact the quality of their indoor air. This includes changing or cleaning the air filter once a month (less often if you don’t have significant contaminants in your home or you have a high efficiency air filter) and ensuring that you schedule HVAC maintenance once a year (twice a year if you have a heat pump). Doing so allows our technicians to take a good look at your unit and ensure it is clean and as functional as it should be.

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