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The Benefits of UV Lights


When it comes to improving the indoor air quality of your home, you probably think first of your home’s temperature. It’s true—having a home in the Tampa area means that you want to do anything you can to keep cool! However, temperature is not the only factor you should keep in mind. Is the quality of your air healthy?

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One way to ensure this is the case is by having UV lights installed. Also referred to as a UV air purifier or germicidal lights, UV lights eliminate harmful particles such as mold, mildew, and other microorganisms that could make you and your family ill from your HVAC system.

How Do UV Lights Work?

Many people hear or see “UV lights” and think that they must be dangerous. After all, people and pets aren’t supposed to have too much exposure to UV rays, right? Fortunately, UV lighting used for this specific purpose is completely harmless to people and animals. In fact, you’ve probably seen these lights at amusement parks and concerts—they are referred to as “black lights,” and make your white clothes glow.

Although they are harmless to us, however, they do have the ability to destroy the DNA of biological contaminants and the life-sustaining proteins that keep these cells alive. These cells are killed, and then the UV lights keep them from replicating. This means they’re effectively eradicated from your HVAC system and your home all together. And they do all this from the comfort and unseen location of your ductwork, positioned right over your evaporator coil.

Show Me the Benefits

In case we haven’t convinced you yet, here are just a few benefits to investing in UV light installation:

  • You’ll improve your indoor air quality significantly: It probably goes without saying that mold is unhealthy. In addition to having a foul odor, it can seriously impact the health of those with allergy and asthma symptoms. In fact, it can make even the healthiest person ill.
  • You’ll stop mold growth at the source: UV lights work with an anti-microbial effect. This means that in addition to eliminating mold and mildew, it actually keeps it from reproducing, completely eradicating the problem.

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