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How to Best Protect Your Drains


It’s rare that a homeowner never has to deal with at least one drain or sewer problem over the years. If you’re lucky, the worst that will happen is that a small clog had to be removed. However, if you’ve ever experienced a major sewer line clog or a leak of any kind, then you know it’s something you want to avoid however you can.

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Eventually, even with preventive maintenance and care, you may run into a drain issue. Fortunately, you may be able to delay or even prevent these types of issues by simply avoiding some common practices. For example, you should never put popcorn kernels down a kitchen sink, nor should you flush baby wipes in your bathroom. But how else can you protect your drains?

Eliminate FOG

FOG—fats, oils, and grease—is your kitchen drains’ worst nightmare. These items may seem harmless as they typically move down your drain with ease. However, as they travel further along your pipes, fats and grease start to cool, and then solidify.

Once FOG has reached this point, it sticks to the inside of the pipes, making it easier for additional oils, foods, and other debris to accumulate and form larger clogs that necessitate heavy duty equipment to remove. It’s best to let these substances solidify and then throw them out when they have, versus putting it down your kitchen drain.

Beware Pasta

This often comes as a surprise to homeowners, but pasta is one food item that commonly clogs up drains. You have to keep in mind that pasta expands in water—as does rice—so even though it may go down your garbage disposal and drain with ease at first, it can quickly grow to a point that it backs up the drains in your home.

Don’t Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Though these products lead you to believe otherwise, store-bought chemical drain cleaners can actually do more harm than good to your plumbing system. This is because their ingredients are highly toxic and can corrode the inside of your pipes, leading to leaks.

Additionally, store-bought drain cleaners usually leave some of the clog behind, meaning that you’ll only be dealings with the same problem again in a few months. To save yourself money and time, it’s best to schedule professional drain cleaning to avoid this issue altogether.

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