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What Sort of Problems Does Hard Water Create?


Hard water is an ongoing problem in our area, though it’s not an entirely unhealthy one. Hard water is that which contains an excessive amount of mineral content—calcium and magnesium to be exact. Our bodies can absorb these minerals without dire consequences, but that doesn’t mean that hard water doesn’t have an impact on your quality of life. In fact, hard water can create a few different problems if it’s not treated. Keep reading to learn more about the problems it creates.

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Crusty Buildup

If you’re suffering from hard water, then you’ve likely noticed a crusty white build-up on your faucet heads and shower heads throughout your home. The damage you see on the outside can be a lot worse inside your pipes—encouraging corrosion and even clogging up your pipes in the worst-case scenario.

Odd Taste

If you have hard water, then you’ll notice a distinct metallic taste that can be rather off-putting from your tap water. This can even extend to food you cook using hard water, potentially impacting your enjoyment of food.

Shower Issues

Showering in hard water can leave your washed hair feeling slimy, and your skin feeling dry, while leaving an unappealing residue behind as well.

Fading Laundry

Clothes that are repeatedly washed in hard water will fade far sooner than other clothes may, causing you to have to replace your clothing and other washables far more often than you should.

The solution to these problem areas lies with a whole-house water softener. Our trained professionals will install this directly into your plumbing system, giving you cleaner water as well as more convenience. This system will quickly put you on the path to better tasting, more useful and more effective water.

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