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Why Do Clean Air Ducts Matter?


Many homeowners have heard of duct cleaning, but few know the benefits or understand that this service should be completed every 3-5 years (or anytime you notice a drop in the efficiency of your HVAC system).

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In addition to improving the performance of your home heating or cooling system, ductwork cleaning can also have a number of health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why clean air ducts matter, not just to your home but to your health.

Eliminates Harmful Contaminants from Your Ventilation System

According to the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), ductwork serves as a collection point in a home for a variety of airborne contaminants that will negatively affect the health of any of the home’s occupants. Harmful contaminants include mold, various types of fungus, and dust mites, to name a few. Adding an indoor air quality product to your home is extremely beneficial and highly recommended, but your indoor air cleaning plan should certainly include duct cleaning.

Protects the Health Needs of Your Family

It may come as a surprise to you that the contaminants in your air ducts have a stronger impact on children in a household. This is because they inhale more air per unit of body weight. The elderly is another group that is sensitive to contaminants.

Additionally, there is a concern for individuals who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. The fungi and bacteria that become lodged inside air ducts are a huge contributor to allergy problems. In fact, if you do have family members who have serious respiratory or allergy issues, then it’s probably a wise choice to invest in duct cleaning services more often than every 3-5 years. Simply call our staff to learn more.

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