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How Does Duct Testing Work?


The integrity of the ductwork in your home is an important part of heating and cooling efficiency, and for maintaining high quality indoor air. The ducts that run from your HVAC system to your vents are designed to hold a seal that prevents loss of air pressure and the infiltration of outside air and contaminants. If leaks occur because of breaks or loose connections along the ductwork, you will start to waste money because of the strain on your HVAC system and possibly suffer a decrease in air quality.

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However, it’s often hard to know when ducts have developed leaks. For help, you will need experts in professional duct cleaning in Trinity, FL. Ierna’s Heating & Cooling has EPA and NATE-certified specialists in testing ducts to locate places where you may be losing energy—and they have methods of repairing these problems as well.

What Happens During Duct Testing

The purpose of duct testing is to determine the “tightness” of a ductwork system; i.e. how much air pressure it is losing. Once technicians find out how much air pressure is escaping from the ducts, they can investigate the integrity of the system and locate the leaks, then determine the necessary steps to take.

The process requires calibrated mechanical devices to measure the amount of airflow that seeps out of the system at normal pressure. The technicians close all registers and vents and then pressurize the ductwork system. A duct leakage tester, a device made of a calibrated fan and an air-pressure sensor to measure the pressure the fan creates, is used to perform this task. The more air needed to create a change in the ductwork pressure, the more leaks there are in the ductwork.

This test determines total leakage. The technicians will then locate the points where air is found escaping and perform measurements to see what must be done to fix the leak. Some of the leaks will be small, located at joints or seams. In other places, duct sections can have become disconnected entirely.

Depending on the results of the testing, a technician will recommend whether the ducts need sealing, extensive repairs, or perhaps a full replacement.

Proper Duct Sealing and Repair is Important

If you are encountering higher bills for your HVAC system or suffering from a drop in comfort level, you may need to schedule duct testing to see if you require sealing or repairs. Because ductwork already loses around 10%-30% of heating energy under normal operation, leaks can cause a huge drain on your bills.

Contact our duct specialists at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling. We can take care of duct testing, duct repair, and duct cleaning in Trinity, FL to make sure your HVAC system is giving you the best that it can.