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Noises That Indicate a Need for Heat Pump Repair


When a heat pump operates normally, it produces a soothing white noise. As the compressor comes on to begin heat exchange, it adds to the whirring sound of the fan. You should not hear any other noises aside from these when you have your heat pump running. If an unusual noise interrupts the peaceful humming of your home’s heat pump, it usually means something is wrong and the unit requires attention.

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Here is a list of noises that point to a need for professional repair for your heat pump. Don’t delay, because the longer the problem persists, the more likely your heat pump will break down entirely. Contact Ierna’s Heating & Cooling for help with your heat pump in Tampa, FL. We can answer your call 24 hours a day.

Listen for these warning noises:

Clicks at start-up: The first time you turn on your heat pump after a long period of inactivity, you will probably hear a clicking noise; this is normal and should vanish soon. But if it persists, or you hear it at other times, it may mean a problem with the start capacitor. The capacitor sends electric voltage to the motors to catalyze them into starting. If this capacitor breaks, your heat pump will not run. A professional must look into this problem.

Clanking: This noise often indicates that a piece of equipment inside the indoor or outdoor cabinet of the heat pump has come loose and started to strike other components. Usually it is the fan belt, which can fray and loosen because of wear. This needs to be fixed immediately before it causes damage to other parts of the heat pump.

Grinding/shrieking: Both of these sounds point toward problems with the motors. Motors run the compressors and the fans, and if they begin to develop dirt along their bearings, it will lead to the shrieking noise. A motor with dirty bearings will soon burn out and require replacement. Grinding sounds usually mean too much stress on the mechanical parts of a motor because of lack of lubrication or a dirty components. A motor making this noise usually needs to be replaced.

Enroll in preventive maintenance

You can prevent most of these problems from occurring with a regular maintenance program from a trusted contractor that provides an annual check-up for your heat pump. Technicians will look for places where components are wearing down, and clean the unit so grime will not threaten the moving parts. You’ll not only have a heat pump out of danger of needing repairs, you’ll have a heat pump working at prime energy efficiency.

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