The Benefits of Zoned Heating


Zone control systems are a way of providing comfort for your whole house… without having to warm up the whole house. With a zone control system, you can shut off the heated air blown to different sections (or “zones”) of your home so that heating it is no longer the “all or nothing” that you get with standard central heating systems.

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Zoned heating brings many benefits, which we’ll discuss here. And it isn’t a difficult upgrade to add to your existing forced-air system. Installers place dampers in your ductwork, which are then wired to individual thermostat controls and a central control panel. The dampers shut off air to the particular zones you establish (sometimes rooms, sometimes the whole upstairs and downstairs) when you don’t want them to receive heating.

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Benefits of Installing a Zone Control System

  • Individual comfort for the people in your home: “This house is always too hot!” “This house is always too cold!” You’ve probably heard conflicting complaints about the indoor temperature from the people who live with you. Different members of your household will have individual needs for warmth, and zoned control lets you give each of them the temperature they want. The local thermostats will allow them to make the adjustments themselves.
  • Temperatures suited to particular rooms: Not every room requires the same amount of heat—depending on what it is used for. Kitchens create a great amount of warmth from appliances, and can be a few degrees cooler than places such as the living room or the dining room. Bedrooms can be warmer, while rooms with physical activity (game rooms, home gyms) can be cooler.
  • Energy savings: You don’t have to waste extra energy to heat rooms that aren’t receiving use. For example, guest rooms can be cooled down when no one in staying in them. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates families will save 30% off their energy bills with zoned heating.
  • Even heating: If you install a zoned system for the upstairs and the downstairs, you can control the temperature to provide a more even spread of heating. As the upstairs approaches its target, the dampers close and send air to the downstairs, where its heat will rise as the upstairs cools down. This helps to eliminate the usual colds spots you get from central heating.

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