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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Expert Repair?

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Expert Repair?

The weather lately has been hot and humid. It makes us thankful we live in an era when regular and reliable air conditioning is available. But what if your air conditioner hasn’t been meeting the mark when it comes to your comfort needs?

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If your air conditioner is struggling to keep you comfortable, then we’d advise that you schedule air conditioner repairs in Tampa as soon as you can.

Here are some of the warning signs that you should know which will alert you to when your system needs expert service.

5 Indicators Your AC Requires Repairs

Having trouble with your air conditioner? Here are the indicators that you should reach out to schedule repairs.

1. There are new sounds during operation

If you noticed that your air conditioner has begun to make some new sounds while it is running, it is worthwhile to have it checked out. Sounds like rattling, clanging, hissing, screeching, or buzzing are all worth a call to a technician as they all indicate problems of varying severity.

2. There is an increase in your energy bills

Your energy bill can fluctuate based on your use of your air conditioner but it shouldn’t reflect large changes. If you have started to notice that your energy bills increase far more than they should when you use your AC unit, there is likely a repair need to address.

3. Your system starts and stops in short spurts

Your air conditioner runs but it seems like it is only capable of doing so for a short amount of time. This is known as short cycling. When the cooling cycle is interrupted like this, is both a symptom of a problem in your AC and a problem that can worsen the state of your system the longer it goes on.

4. There are signs of a leak in the AC

Take some time to look around your outdoor unit and your indoor unit or air handler. While it can be normal to see a small amount of moisture near the outdoor unit as a result of the condensate drainage system, other signs of a leak should raise the alarm. Check for moisture around the air handlers or any leaking from your indoor unit. This could be caused by a clogged condensate drain, a refrigerant leak, or a frozen evaporator coil.

5. The system is unable to produce reliable cool air

If your air conditioner is unable to cool your home regularly or reliably, it is something that should be met with prompt repairs. You may have refrigerant problems, airflow issues, or even an electrical problem. Even if your AC system is able to keep you cool some of the time, you deserve to have it running effectively ALL of the time. Expert repairs will help you to achieve this.

These are just some of the indicators that there is a problem with your air conditioner. Whatever the symptoms, if your system is having trouble, the sooner your schedule repairs the better everything will be.

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