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What Makes Mini Split Systems Unique?

What Makes Mini Split Systems Unique?

There is more than one option out there for your next home air conditioner. But not all AC systems are alike. While the well-known central air conditioner is known as a split system, you may also want to explore the type of systems known as mini splits.

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In most cases, when we discuss mini splits we are referring to heat pumps or ductless heat pumps. These types of systems are similar to air conditioners in some ways but offer a good amount of additional opportunities and benefits. If you are curious about whether a mini split system is a good choice for your next AC installation in Tampa, you can read on for details and reach out to us for service.

What Makes a Mini Split, Mini?

Central air conditioners and heat pumps are both set up as split systems, meaning they use an indoor and outdoor system. However, the difference is in the size of the setup. While a central AC with a split system takes up more square footage with the use of an indoor and outdoor unit, a heat pump uses an air handler as its indoor unit, taking up far less space-hence the mini in the name mini split.

The Unique Things that Come With Mini Split Heat Pumps

Along with the fact that heat pump mini split take up less space than other systems, they also provide added perks. These can include the following:

  • Better energy efficiency: When people talk about mini split systems one of the biggest descriptors that they use is “energy efficient.” Heat pumps and ductless systems are well known for being great with reduced energy use overall, helping pay you back for your investment in them.
  • Effective home comfort all year: Heat pump mini splits are also impressive because they can provide year-roud comfort. Due to the fact that they can reverse their refrigerant flow, these systems can both heat and cool your house.
  • Ductless and ducted options: Have a house that doesn’t have ducts or can’t accommodate them? You still have options with a mini split system as they can be either ducted or ductless.

Ducted and Ductless Options

We mentioned that a heat pump can come as either a ducted and a ductless option. This is great news for anyone who may have ductwork that is in disrepair, or for those who aren’t able to accommodate ductwork in their home at all. With the installation of multiple air handlers and some condensate and refrigerant conduits, you’ll have access to great home comfort without the need for ductwork at all. This can even work as an addition in homes that do have ductwork to cool and heat those added portions of the house.

Heat pumps and ductless heat pumps are a great fit for many homes throughout the Tampa area. If a mini split system like this sounds like a good fit for you, make sure to reach out to our team to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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