Is Your Water Heater In Good Shape?

Is Your Water Heater In Good Shape?

You know that if you want your dishes to be washed in a sanitary way, you need hot water. This is just one of the reasons that we want our water heaters to be in peak operating condition. Just the idea of being without a reliable source of water can send a chill down the spine (pardon the cliche).

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It can be a bit of a surprise then to discover how many people tend to ignore the need for water heater repairs in Tampa. They think their system will work its way through the issue or they will still be able to get what they need even if it takes longer. The reality is the opposite.

If you have started to have trouble with your water heater, reach out for repairs as soon as you can. These are the warning signs you should know.


Warning Signs to Know That Mean Trouble For Your Water Heater

Trust us when we say you don’t want to be entirely without warm water before trying to get your system fixed. Be on the lookout for warning signs like these so you can get your system repaired before it gives up completely.

  1. The system has begun to make odd noises. When your water heater encounters trouble it may start to emit some strange new noises. These can include whistling, rumbling, popping, and even booming. The majority of these noises are caused by sediment build-up in the system which can be resolved with a flush.
  2. You are seeing signs of a leak. Leaks can mean you need repairs or, in the worst case, they can mean you need a system replacement. A leak in the connections or pipes for your water heater can be fixed by a professional. On the other hand, leaks in the tank of a tank storage system indicate corrosion that is no longer repairable.
  3. Warm water only lasts for a short amount of time. Another indicator that your system is having a problem is when you only get a few minutes of hot water before the water heater stops being able to provide what you need. This can be a sign of an undersized water heater or one that is having trouble producing heat.
  4. Water temperature fluctuates during use. Maybe you’ve noticed that your water temperature fluctuates during use between hot, warm, lukewarm, and cold. That makes for an unpleasant shower and is also a sign your water heater is in trouble.
  5. Hot water pressure is weaker than it used to be. One other warning sign to be on the alert for is that your hot water pressure has gotten weaker. Weak water pressure, in general, may indicate a leak. However weak water pressure for your hot water specifically can indicate a problem with your water heater and it may indicate a leak. Make sure to reach out to a professional to check for both issues.

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