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Noises You Never Want Your AC to Make

Noises You Never Want Your AC to Make

When you live in our area, using your air conditioner to keep cool on a daily basis is pretty much a year-round necessity. Therefore, you should always be keeping a close eye out in case any problems develop. Issues are most likely to develop with AC systems during the summer season—particularly near the end of it—when demand on the system is at its greatest.

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This means that right now should be when you are the most watchful for any signs that your system needs professional air conditioning repair in Riverview, FL. One of the most common indicators that something is, in fact, wrong with your cooling system is if odd noises are coming from it during its daily operation. Keep reading to learn some of the more common AC noises that should be cause for concern.

Short Cycling

One of the most obvious—but not necessarily widely known—signs that something is amiss with your air conditioner is if you hear it turning on and off every couple of minutes. This is called short-cycling, and it’s a problem for a variety of reasons. First off, it cuts down dramatically on your AC system’s ability to circulate cool air.

Secondly, it increases the amount of wear and tear the system has to deal with. If short cycling is allowed to continue for a prolonged period of time, components of the system will begin to wear down and even fail faster than they otherwise would have. If the problem goes on for too long, it could even shorten the lifespan of your cooling system.


A grinding noise coming from your cooling system almost certainly means that it is having a problem with the air handler. This is the component that actually circulates air throughout your home. Moving that much air naturally creates friction, and therefore the air handler motor contains lubricated bearings so it will run more smoothly.

Theses bearing wear down over time though, which causes the friction on the system to increase. So, if you hear a grinding sound coming from the AC, be sure to give us a call for repairs ASAP. The bearings in your air handler motor will need to be replaced before they fail, as that can burn out the motor.

Hissing or Bubbling

This is very likely an indication that you have air bubbles within your refrigerant line—which is a sign of a refrigerant leak. This is a much more serious problem than you may realize. Your cooling system depends on a set amount—charge—of refrigerant within its system to operate as it should.

Leaks deplete the system of its refrigerant supply, causing a steady drop in output, and eventually, the refrigerant level will drop to the point that your AC system will break down. If you hear your cooling system making this noise, particularly if it’s coupled with leaking fluid, contact our professionals right away!

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