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Tank vs. Tankless: Finding the Right Water Heater for You

Tank vs. Tankless: Finding the Right Water Heater for You

When it comes to finding the right Trinity, FL water heater, many homeowners opt to go with the traditional storage tank water heater. This is suitable for many homes, and might be the best fit for yours. However, we urge you to consider a tankless system when the time comes. The reason for this is that tankless systems offer a number of benefits to household, including an unlimited supply of hot water, a longer lifespan, and a reduction in energy bills.

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With any new technology, however, come some misconceptions. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can lead you to make the wrong choice for your home. While forgoing the more recent tankless system for a conventional storage tank water heater isn’t a bad idea, you could be paying more than necessary to heat your water. Keep reading for additional benefits to tankless water heaters, and see how we bust some common myths about these systems.

Tankless Water Heaters Cost Less to Run

Consumers often falsely believe that tankless water heaters cost too much to run. The fact is, the technology of these water heaters has improved in recent years. You can expect to quickly start saving on energy bills once you have a tankless water heater installed.

You Get a Steady Supply of Hot Water

There is a misconception that cold water will occasionally enter the hot water stream from a tankless water heater, so a person in the shower or washing vegetables for cooking may suddenly feel a blast of cold water in the middle of their task. On the contrary, all water passing through the tankless unit when it’s running moves across the heating elements and has its temperature raised.

That being said, if this situation does occur—that is, you feel “cold water sandwiches” when using your tankless water heater—it means that the system was not installed correctly. Be sure to only trust in trained and experienced professionals for this job.

Water Temperatures Are Well Regulated

One more common myth about tankless water heaters is that they can send scalding water to the taps. However, you might be surprised to find that the traditional storage tank water heater actually poses a greater risk. They can go through a process called thermal stacking, whereas with a tankless system you can adjust the temperature to your comfort needs and leave it there—the thermostat guard prevents overheating.

You Get Plenty of Hot Water

One last misunderstanding we’ll talk about is how a tankless system actually works. With a tankless system, once you turn on a tap that requests hot water, the water heater itself heats up the water for use.

There’s no supply to be depleted, as there is with the conventional storage tank model. So long as there’s a demand for hot water, the hot water will be there. Tankless systems can be overwhelmed due to demand, but this can be avoided by investing in professional installation and water heater services from a highly experienced team.

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