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Are You in Need of a Thorough Drain Cleaning?

Are You in Need of a Thorough Drain Cleaning?

One of the most important, yet often forgotten about, parts of your plumbing system is the drain and sewer system. If this section of plumbing isn’t working right or isn’t properly maintained, then you could find yourself facing serious issues.

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Fortunately, though, it’s pretty simple to keep your drain system in good shape. All you need to do is make sure that you schedule Riverview, FL plumbing services on a regular basis—in particular, drain cleaning services. But how do you know if you actually need a thorough drain cleaning?

You Have Slow Drains

One of the biggest issues you’re likely to deal with regarding your drain and sewer system is drain clogs. They often develop gradually, as waste builds up along the drain pipe walls. As this occurs and the clog grows toward the center of the pipe, it restricts the flow of water more and more.

If you notice that one of your drains is moving more slowly than it normally does, you likely have a clog in the pipe. It’s best, in this case, to schedule drain cleaning services right away rather than waiting, as delaying this service could have severe consequences for your plumbing system.

You Detect Foul Odors

This symptom is most common with kitchen drains, as they have to deal with food waste quite a bit. Other drains can experience this symptom as well, however. No matter where it’s occurring, if you have a foul smell coming from a drain, it could be due to bad waste buildup in the pipe.

It’s also important to know that if you have bad smells coming from multiple drains, there’s a good chance that you have a problem deep within your sewer system. Drain cleaning will typically not be sufficient enough for this problem and you could need more extensive plumbing repair services.

You’ve Never Had Your Plumbing System Checked

So let’s say you haven’t noticed either of the warning signs mentioned above. Still, it’s wise to schedule professional drain cleaning services at least once a year. Drain clogs almost always develop slowly, and preventive drain cleaning will often help clean out waste buildup that could have eventually caused substantial plumbing issues.

Plumbing maintenance isn’t something that you should reserve for a particular season, like you might for your HVAC system. It’s something that you should do on an annual basis, no matter the time of year it is.

At this point, you may be wondering why you can’t just use or keep using chemical drain cleaners to flush out your drains every few months or so. The problem with these store-bought drain cleaning solutions is that they are extremely caustic, and can actually eat away at the interior of your pipes, causing corrosion and eventual leaks or ruptures.

Additionally, store-bought drain cleaners only temporarily put a stop to a bigger problem. They don’t actually remove the clog, but rather just help water flow through it a bit more easily until the next time you have to use some more drain cleaner. This is neither cost effective nor safe for your plumbing system. Ask our team about our drain snaking methods, including hydro-jetting!

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