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A Guide to the Different Types of Mini-Split Systems

A Guide to the Different Types of Mini-Split Systems

Don’t let mini-splits slip through your fingers. 38% of consumers say they value system reliability when they purchase an HVAC system. A mini-split system can give you 20 or more years of clean, comfortable air without extensive maintenance costs.

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However, not all mini-split systems come alike. To find the right air conditioner for you, you must study the different types of mini-split systems and figure out how to mount your unit. Here are the types of mini-split systems you can buy today.

Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits work by using heat pumps. Warm air in your home is pumped to the warm air outside your home while cool air enters inside. This process creates more efficient heating and cooling than other HVAC systems. 

There are two main types of ductless mini-splits you can buy. A single-zone system contains an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that control the temperature of a single room. 

Multi-zone systems contain at least two indoor units. These units are connected to an outdoor unit through electrical cables and refrigerant lines. Though they are connected together, you can program each indoor unit independently. You can have a maximum of four indoor units for every outdoor unit. 

Multi-zone systems are more expensive and time-consuming to set up. They allow you to control the temperatures in different rooms in your house without taking up too much space outside. 

Three Different Mount Options

You can place a unit in any convenient location. Here are your options for how to mount your interior units. 

Floor Mounts

As the name suggests, floor-mounted mini-splits sit on your floor. They are the least common mount option, as floor units can take up a lot of valuable space. Pets and small children can damage your unit, and furniture can block the airflow. Floor-mounted units do not distribute air as well as other units because they must throw air upward. 

You should only install mini-split systems on your floor if you don’t have space on your wall or ceiling. Many install them in sunrooms or greenhouses with glass walls that repair technicians cannot drill through. 

The refrigerant and electric lines in your floor-mounted unit may be shorter than in other types. The shorter lines may make installation more affordable and prevent potential accidents. Talk to an installation company to see if your unit will be more affordable. 

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mini-splits lie on your ceiling. This mount type provides maximum cooling capacity and airflow, especially in large spaces with many people. Ceiling mini-splits are commonly found in commercial buildings, but you can place them in your home’s kitchen or living room. 

Ceiling-mounted mini-splits make more noise than other units, though they are not very loud. They are very slim so that you can install them in rooms with a low ceiling height or compact walls. 

Wall Mounts

Wall-mounted mini-splits are the most common mount type. They are cheaper and more reliable, taking up less space than other mount types. 

You have many options for wall-mounted units, including ones with colors and textures that match your wall. These options can make your units less intrusive and distracting than other mini-splits. 

Wall-mounted units have only one airflow direction, so their circulation is not as good as other types. Placing your unit opposite your bed or work area can make you too cold, so it’s best placed elsewhere. You will also need to be careful with your filters. Dust and debris can gather against your walls, and your unit can suck the dust up and get clogged. 

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Best Spots for Mini-Split Placement

Do not put your mini-split wherever you want. To feel the full effects of your mini-split system, you need to look at a few factors for your interior and exterior units. 

Indoor Units

The best locations for your indoor units are exterior or perimeter walls. Placing your units here will allow your HVAC technician to connect your indoor and outdoor units seamlessly. The further away from your perimeter your unit is, the longer your refrigerant and electrical lines need to be, which increases your risk of an accident. 

Do not place your unit next to bulky furniture. The furniture can block the air from flowing in and out, making it hard for you to feel the temperature you want.

Do not place your unit in direct sunlight, as sunlight creates heat that can skew your system’s ability to read and adjust the interior temperature. You should also move your mini-split away from electronic devices that create heat.

Your mini-split should be accessible. It’s okay if you need a ladder or stool to reach your unit, but you should not exert yourself too much. Place your mini-split on a straight, vertical wall, not an angled surface. 

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Outdoor Units

Your outdoor unit should be as far from shrubbery and landscaping as possible. It needs room to allow air to circulate in and out. Try to create a five-foot perimeter around your unit so cut grass, pollen, and other pollutants don’t enter your AC system. 

Your unit should sit on a level surface. Using a concrete or composite pad to keep your mini-split flat is okay, but don’t use wooden boards.

If you have access to your roof, you can place your device on it. You can also suspend it from an exterior wall, which is a good option if you do extensive lawn work. 

You should check on your outdoor unit at least once every three months. Make sure it is level, clean, and free of pollutants. If you need help maintaining your outdoor unit, talk to a professional with experience in heat pumps

All types of mini-split units can change your life. You can enjoy an energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain air conditioning system for decades. Give us a call today to get started on your installation and mini-split mounting.