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How Can Ductless Mini Splits Benefit Me?


While other areas of the country are gearing up for the onset of the winter season, we here in Florida are still basking in hot temperatures, and will be for some time to come. This means, of course, that we are still reliant upon our air conditioning systems in order to keep our homes cool and comfortable. In fact, some homeowners are put off by the idea of sinking their money into a home heating system, as they don’t actually use their heaters very frequently during the year. With that in mind, a ductless mini split may be ideal for your needs. Ductless mini splits in Tampa, FL are growing more and more common. Read on to discover why, and remember to schedule your ductless mini split services with IERNA’s Heating & Cooling.

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How It Works

During the summer season, a ductless mini split system acts much like a traditional split central air conditioner. Refrigerant is used to facilitate the transfer of heat from the air in one’s home with the air outside, and the cooled air is then reintroduced into the living space. No air ducts are used with a ductless system, of course. Instead, wall mounted blowers are used to cool the rooms in which they are installed directly. These blowers are connected to an outdoor unit via power, refrigerant, and any necessary drainage lines, with the outdoor unit typically accommodating up to 4 blowers. During the heating season, the operation is reversed, meaning that existing heat in the air outdoors is absorbed via the refrigerant cycle, the refrigerant is compressed to further boost the thermal energy, and then that is used to heat air in the living space.

How This Benefits You

This operation and design can benefit you in a couple of ways. First of all, you can adjust temperatures in different areas of your home independently of others, allowing for simple zone-controlled heating and cooling. Also, because heat pump technology is utilized, your heating costs will be quite minimal. Finally, you get to both heat and cool your home with just one convenient system. Contact a member o four staff today to schedule service.