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Why Use an Electronic Air Cleaner in My Home?


Living comfortably is a goal that every homeowner shares. It is also a challenge, though, and doing so successfully is in no way guaranteed. While a lot of people may think of their HVAC systems first and foremost when considering the comfort in which they live, it is important to remember that the quality of the air in your home is every bit as important as the temperature in that air in term of your overall comfort.

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While you may have an air filter in your home, and certainly have one in your HVAC system itself, you may need to take further action for great results. If you think that you could benefit from the use of an air cleaner in Tampa, FL, give us a call. IERNA’s Heating & Cooling will install and service it properly.

What Is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

If you are serious about cleaning the air in your home, you may need more than mechanical air filtration, in which an air filter traps pollutants on a filtering media as the air passes through. An electronic air filter is likely a step in the right direction. These systems take a more active role in cleaning the air in one’s home. Air is pulled into an ionization chamber, in which the pollutants therein are given an electric charge. These pollutants are then trapped on oppositely charged collector plates, which the homeowner can simply remove, clean, and put back into place.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Air Cleaner

The benefits of using an electronic air cleaner are many. They are whole-house systems, but can work independently of the HVAC system when you choose. They are also able to remove even very small pollutants, which may otherwise simply pass through your air filtration system. If you have any questions about available air cleaners, or if you’d like to have one installed in your home, make sure that ours is the number you dial.