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Why Should You Have a Water Softener Installed?


In most cases, the only reason a homeowner would call a plumber is if they have a repair need, an emergency, or they are remodeling their home and making plumbing additions as a result. However, plumbers do much more than just fix and install pipes! Our professional plumbers are also pros at installing water treatment systems to improve the quality of the water you drink and use on a daily basis.

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A whole-home water softener is one of the most beneficial water treatment systems there is on the marketing. A water softener can prevent premature pipe failure and can limit the amount of problems you have with the major fixtures and appliances you depend on daily. But how does it do this, and should you have a water softener installed?

Eliminating Hard Water

“Hard water” is an issue that exists in plumbing systems throughout America. While not a health hazard—hard water consists of too many minerals such as calcium and magnesium—this problem can eventually ruin your pipes and fixtures.

Mineral deposits which have been left behind in your piping reduces the volume of water that can travel through them. This creates a drop in your water pressure, and can result in pipe replacement due to the restriction. Appliances such as your dishwasher and your clothes washing machine can also suffer damages from too much hard water.

Making Life More Convenient

There are many reasons that homeowners decide to install a water softener in their home. Hard water has the ability to dry out and dull your hair in the shower, makes it difficult for soap to dissolve, and increases the presence of soap scum and buildup in your sinks and tubs. You’ll likely also notice that your dishes have a residue left on them after washing, and your clothes fade faster.

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