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Understanding the Role of Your Air Conditioner’s Capacitor


When it comes to using your air conditioning system, you probably don’t think very much about how exactly it operates… until something goes wrong of course. We don’t expect you to have expert knowledge as to the mechanics involved in your AC system, that’s what we are here for! We don’t think any homeowner should be tasked with fixing an AC unit on their own.

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Despite the availability of our professional services, however, it can be beneficial for you to have a basic knowledge of the important components of your home cooling system. This way if something does go wrong you can understand it better. One of these important components is your system’s capacitor.

What Is a Capacitor?

This is the part of your system that makes it possible for your AC to operate dependably and effectively. There are different types of motor capacitors: start and run capacitors as well as dual run capacitors. These are all electrical devices which store energy and put that energy to use when needed.

When you first start your air conditioning system up, the start capacitor boosts the starting torque in the motor briefly to give it a good jump start. After this point, your run capacitor is tasked with ensuring that proper and consistent levels of current are moving through your air conditioner. Otherwise, your cooling system can come grinding to a halt.

What Happens When a Capacitor Goes Bad?

Have you noticed that your system is humming, but not starting up? Or perhaps you’ve realized that it starts to perform as it should, but fails before it really gets going. If your run capacitor is faulty, you’ll most likely hear the system start up and might feel it begin to blow cold air. However, it will cycle off before it’s supposed to.

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