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Why Is There Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?


One of the most common service calls that air conditioning professionals get is in regards to water leaking from an AC system. It’s an emergency that you certainly don’t want to wait to get fixed if you want to avoid water damage to your home and further damage to your AC system. But why is there water leaking in the first place, and why is it such a typical issue?

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Where the Water Develops

As a natural part of the cooling process, condensate forms on the evaporator coil of your AC system. The indoor cold gets very cold as the refrigerant inside of it turns into gas form (evaporation) and absorbs heat from the air inside your home.

In most cases, there is at least some level of humidity in the air, creating moisture. This moisture condenses on the outside of the coil, much like you would observe on a cold glass of water on a hot day.

How Does That Water Drain?

The condensation that forms collects on the outside of the coil, and needs somewhere to run off. This is where the drainage system plays a role. Your system’s condensate drain system consists of a tray underneath the coil, which has a hold at the end that leads to a pipe. Water drains into the drainpipe, and ideally, everything should work smoothly from there.

So What Goes Wrong?

There are a few factors that may contribute to inadequate draining, and thus water leaking from your air conditioning system. For example, the drainage system might have been installed incorrectly to begin with.

Usually, when water leaks from your AC system it’s because it cannot move through the drainpipe, which might be clogged up with debris. This causes water to overflow in the tray and leak into your home.

The good news is, this may all be prevented with routine maintenance. A maintenance visit includes an inspection of your air conditioner. At this time, if your technician finds that the drainpipe is clogged, they’ll clean it out. They’ll also perform any other adjustments deemed necessary, overall improving the performance and lifespan of your system.

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