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Common Threats to Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality


Do you have your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis? If not, then you are threatening the quality of your indoor air. Without routine check-ups you’ll never know if you have damaged ductwork or a dirty system—both of which can significantly decrease your indoor air quality.

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The quality of your indoor air affects more than just your comfort and convenience. Poor air quality is unhealthy, even to those individuals in your household that normally don’t suffer from illnesses. Keep reading to learn more about other common threats to your home’s indoor air quality.

Improper Ventilation

Homes today are built with tight thermal envelopes—that is, with less area for air to escape. The reason for this is to let your HVAC system run more efficiently. However, this doesn’t equate to very good air quality. Air that is stuffy due from too much moisture can wreak havoc on your property and your health. Luckily, a solution to this is a professional installed dehumidifier.

Excessive Moisture

As mentioned above, too much moisture in the air can cause problems for your property and health. Your relative humidity levels should be between 30-50%. As excess moisture builds up in your home, it encourages the development of mold. This mold releases spores into your air, which is what negatively impacts your health. This is particularly true if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Outdoor Pollution

There are a number of household products that can affect your indoor air quality. These include cleaning solutions and hairspray, just to name a couple. But outside pollutants also play a significant role. Outside sources can include radon, pesticides, pollen, smog, and other irritants. This is all more than just irritating: these pollutants can create ill effects for you and your family.

Your home faces many dangers when it comes to your air quality. However, we have the products and services to help fight against these dangers. Whether you are in need of an air filtration device or a humidity control appliance, our number is the one to call.

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