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Stop Bathroom Plumbing Troubles before They Start

Stop Bathroom Plumbing Troubles before They Start

This may be an obvious statement, but the best way to solve common bathroom plumbing issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Of course, some plumbing problems are unavoidable—such as if you weren’t aware you had older, corroded piping and it springs a leak.

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However, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your Carrollwood, FL bathroom plumbing, some of which we’ve outlined below. And when you do have a plumbing issue that you can’t resolve on your own—most of the time you shouldn’t try—you have our team on your side!

Address Hard Water

Hard water occurs when there is a buildup of minerals—namely calcium and magnesium—within your water supply. This may sound scary, but not to worry—this is not unsafe or unhealthy to humans or pets.

It is, however, harmful to your pipes and other home components (ever notice your clothes fade awfully fast? That could be due to hard water). Calcium and magnesium build up with your plumbing system, and can cause harmful clogs as well as pipe decay.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Toilet

Is one of your worst fears an overflowing toilet? We don’t blame you—it’s not a pretty sight! Avoid this by limiting how much you flush down the drain. Even wipes labeled as “flushable” can often be misleading—the only paper items that should be flushed is your toilet tissue.

Additionally, if you have small children or guests who bring children, be sure to remind them that food and small toys are to stay out of the bathroom—anything small enough to stop up your toilet drain needs to stay on the other side of the bathroom door!

Watch Hair Build Up

Even if you have shorter hair, you’ve likely noticed that you shed quite a good amount during the average shower. Or if you brush your hair near the bathroom sink, you may notice a lot there too. Resist the temptation to wash it down the drain!

Hair build up can create some pretty messy and stubborn clogs, especially when combined with soap scum and hard water minerals. Avoiding this is as simple as purchasing a drain cover from the hardware store or home supply store to stop hair from entering your drains.

Don’t Try to Resolve Plumbing Problems Alone

If you have a clog or blockage that a simple plunger will resolve, then by all means give it a go! If the blockage is more stubborn than that, however, it’s time to call in a professional. Many homeowners try to relieve their clogs with store-bought chemical drain cleaners.

This can do more harm than good—chemical drain cleaners provide a temporary solution to a problem as opposed to solving the problem at its core. They break up clogs—sure—but the drain cleaner itself can start to accumulate and cause a bigger, nastier clog later on down the line. Plus, chemical cleaners are corrosive and can cause significant pipe damage that you may find yourself literally paying for later.

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