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Air Conditioning Maintenance: What Is It, Exactly?

Air Conditioning Maintenance: What Is It, Exactly?

It never really cooled down too much during our “heating” season. And with spring officially here, it’s only a matter of time until we begin using our air conditioners on a daily basis—if you aren’t already. As such, it’s imperative that you ensure that it is properly cared for, with routine Land O’ Lakes, FL air conditioning maintenance.

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You’ll often hear us tout the benefits of routine air conditioner maintenance—improved energy efficiency, reduced repairs, longer lifespan, and financial savings. But perhaps you’re more concerned with the process and how disruptive it may be. We’d like to help you understand exactly what happens during an air conditioner tune-up so you know what to expect when you schedule your next appointment with us.

Adjustments and Cleaning

During your AC tune-up, our HVAC professionals will help ensure that the cooling system is able to distribute conditioned air throughout your home successfully by thoroughly cleaning the interior of the system, and making any necessary adjustments while we’re in there. For example, you may have a loose fan blade or a blower component that needs adjusting, to prevent potential damage later on.


Your air conditioning system has a number of moving parts that all work together in order to provide you with the cooling comfort you deserve. However, over the years these moving parts begin to wear down and cause friction that cuts down on your energy efficiently. Regularly lubricating these moving parts protects them from damage and from negatively impacting other components within the system.

Ensuring the Safety of Electrical Connections

The voltage and current on your motors in the cooling system should be measured, and electrical connections should be tightened to help it operate safely. Anything from inclement weather to rodents can cause damage to the wiring connected to your air conditioner—and thus should be checked on a routine basis.

Refrigerant Levels

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that it’s okay for refrigerant to run out—that it can just be refilled every year. You would be right in that it needs to be refilled if you’re losing refrigerant, but this is actually indicative of a refrigerant leak problem. The source of the leak must be found and resolved to ensure your system can efficiently operate.

System Controls

In order to make sure that your air conditioning system will start up properly, run, and shut down as it should, your system controls need to be checked for proper operation. This impacts not only your cooling system’s lifespan but also its efficiency.

In the long run, a poorly functioning and low-efficiency air conditioner is going to cost you significantly more than it should. Investing in maintenance is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make for your home and the comfort of your family. Our team is happy to go into greater detail if you have any questions, plus we provide comprehensive air conditioning services such as installation and repair as well.

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