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Repair These Air Conditioning Problems Before They Grow Worse


As we move into the cooling season, when our air conditioners will start to earn their keep, it’s important to keep careful watch for any problems that might develop inside the AC cabinet. Warning signs like uncanny noises, unusual odors from the vents, uneven heating, increases in utility bills, and plunges in cooling power can all point toward an air conditioner that needs to have professional repairs.

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You must respond to air conditioning problems rapidly, because repair needs tend to grow worse due to the increased stress they create throughout the system. Before an air conditioner repair turns more expensive or shuts down the unit entirely, call for skilled help. Ierna’s Heating & Cooling has technicians ready to repair your air conditioning in Tampa, FL any time of the day or night. Bring us in to help whenever you run into these repair needs that will grow worse if ignored:

  • Clanging sounds from a broken fan: The fans that move air into your house and into the outside cabinet must remain balanced and undamaged or else they will begin to strike the outside housing. This will further damage the fan and other parts of the AC. Professionals can straighten the blades (don’t try it yourself, since you might bend them too much the other direction) and repair any issues they have already created.
  • Motors wearing down: If motors become dusty or do not receive regular lubrication during routine maintenance, they will start to wear down and create too much friction in their moving parts. Eventually, the motors will burn out. If you hear a shrieking or screeching noise from your AC cabinet, you must move fast to have technicians repair the problems before the motor requires replacement.
  • Leaking refrigerant: Have you noticed icing along the indoor coils and a drop in cooling power? You likely have refrigerant leaking from the system. If this continues, it will cause damage to the compressor and the refrigerant loss will generate more ice over the coils and the cooling power will eventually fail. Professionals will find the location of leak and seal it, and then place the proper amount of refrigerant back into the system (“recharging” it) so the AC will work at its regular cooling level once again.

You do not want to have an air conditioner fail during the height of the summer heat, which is when it is most likely to break down because of all the work you’ll need from it. Whenever you think you have an AC repair need, call for help from Ierna’s Heating & Cooling. We also recommend you have yearly maintenance done on your air conditioning in Tampa, FL to head off as many problems as possible.