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Preparing for Summer with Air Conditioning Maintenance


If you’ve lived through at least one summer in Florida, you know how heavy the hot weather can get. To truly enjoy living in one of the great sunny vacation spots in the country, you need to have an air conditioner capable of taking on the muggiest and most blistering days of July.

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The best way to know that your air conditioner is up to the task, and will make it through to the fall without a breakdown or major repair needs, is to schedule a regular maintenance visit for it this spring. You should have AC maintenance done every year at this time, but if you haven’t scheduled your first session yet, now is the time to jump on it… before the thermometer climbs higher.

Ierna’s Heating & Cooling has NATE-certified technicians on staff who can come to your home to take care of the maintenance that will keep your air conditioning in Trinity, FL humming and cooling you all through the summer months.

What air conditioning maintenance actually does

Maintaining an AC involves a number of steps that work toward providing you three basic services:

  1. An air conditioner that will work at its most efficient through the summer.
  2. Detection of any malfunctions or malfunctions waiting to happen that might turn into serious repair needs—or even a full breakdown—unless they are remedied.
  3. A prolonged lifespan for the unit.

To achieve these goals, your AC maintenance technician will check over all parts of the system and all the major components to see that they are operating correctly and without troubles. The check starts with the thermostat to see that it is calibrated properly and communicating with the AC. Then the inspection goes into the cabinets of the air conditioner itself to see that the compressor, the motors, and the fans are not dirty or starting to run down. The technician checks the refrigerant level to see that there are no leaks, and looks over the coils to make sure they are clean. Tests on airflow and voltage make certain the unit isn’t overworking.

If a maintenance technician discovers anything that needs repair or replacement, he or she will inform you about it. Some replacements a technician can take care of on the spot. Others will require scheduling a repair. If you follow the recommendations of the technician, you should have an AC in top shape for this summer and for the summers beyond.

Schedule maintenance today—for your heating system as well

A maintenance plan from a professional contractor will not only take care of your air conditioning in the spring; it will also take care of your heating system with a visit in the fall. This means efficient comfort all year and a heater and AC that will endure for many seasons.

Contact Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today to sign up for our maintenance program to prepare for your air conditioning in Trinity, FL for the summer.