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Problems Common to Poorly Maintained Cooling Systems


You’ve heard it said a hundred times before, and you may have read it here as well, but it bears repeating; it is absolutely necessary that you schedule professional air conditioning maintenance services if you hope to get the best performance possible from your system. Simply changing your air filter is not enough to keep your system in prime working condition. When you schedule your air conditioning maintenance service in Tampa, FL with a member of our staff, you can count on the job being done right. That way, you can cool your home with the well-earned confidence that you deserve. Schedule AC maintenance with Ierna’s Heating & Cooling to avoid serious problems with your home cooling system. 

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  • Insufficient Cooling: While insufficient cooling may seem like a pretty obvious problem to list here, you should know that there are a number of different potential causes of this problem. Because air filters and AC coils are thoroughly cleaned during routine maintenance service, you can expect to see a decline in the cooling output of your AC if it is not properly maintained. Make sure that you are able to sufficiently cool your home by keeping up with necessary maintenance services.
  • Electrical Problems: Another issue that you can run into if you fail to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance is electrical component failure. Your compressor, fans, and other components in your AC are all regulated by electrical wiring, contacts, and controls. If these components are not routinely inspected and serviced as needed, you may find that your system struggles to function properly when the temperature soars.
  • Increased Costs: If you are still on the fence about scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance, consider this: failure to do so can leave you paying more for a weaker performance from your AC. If your system is not kept in great working order, there is just no way that it is going to function as efficiently as it ought to. Additionally, you run the risk of paying for more frequent repairs than you would otherwise have to. For all of these reasons, AC maintenance is a service that we must strongly urge you to schedule.