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3 Things to Know About Air Filters


When you want to protect, or even improve upon, the quality of the air in your home, there is no more basic method to pursue than the use of an air filter. While air filtration may be a simple way in which to boost the quality of the air in your home, it also has the potential to be among the most effective. We say potential, though, because there are certain scenarios in which using an air filter can be of little, or even no, benefit. To help you avoid encountering such scenarios, we’ve got 3 pieces of information to share with you regarding the selection and use of air filters in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Contact a member of the Ierna’s Heating & Cooling team to learn more. 

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The Filter in Your HVAC System Is Not Enough

The first matter to clear up is the fact that the filter in your HVAC system, which you are hopefully aware of and diligent about changing or cleaning as need, is not intended to significantly improve the quality of the air in your home. It is simply not efficient enough for doing so, and is in fact intended to protect the components of your HVAC system from problems relating to pollutant accumulation. In order to really clean the air that you breathe in your home, you ought to invest in an air filter designated for this purpose.

You Must Ensure Sufficient Filter Efficiency

Not all air filters are created equal, and you are simply wasting your money if your air filter is not of the right efficiency for your needs. The efficiency of air filters is denoted by their MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). If your MERV level is too low, then the pollutants you are hoping to trap can simply make their way through the filter and into the air in your home.

Your Filter Can Be Too Efficient

Okay, you may think. I’ll just buy the most efficient air filter that I can find, perhaps even one with the maximum MERV of 20. The truth is, though, that having an air filter which is too efficient is also problematic. Too much airflow resistance can be created, and this can reduce efficiency levels while putting strain on your system. The only way to know for certain that you have the right filter in place is by working with a trained professional.