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Possible Repairs Your Furnace May Need

Possible Repairs Your Furnace May Need

Our area may not get nearly as cold as other parts of the country do but we still see some pretty low temperatures come nightfall. Thankfully, modern heating systems like the furnace are around to keep us warm. Furnaces around here may not see the same amount of use as they might further north but we still appreciate the comfort they provide when it gets chilly!

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As you can imagine, when something goes wrong with your furnace, it can be a pain to deal with. You are already cold and now you need to find someone to handle your furnace repair in Wesley Chapel, FL. If you have reached this blog you are on the right track because we are a team of experts who can leave your furnace in mint condition. All you need to do is to know when to reach out to us.

Repairs That Your Furnace May Need

Over the course of your furnace’s lifespan, it will need repairs. It is normal, even if you are on the ball with getting regular maintenance. Here are some common repairs your furnace may need help with.

  • Dirty burners: Even with regular filter changes, the burners in your natural gas furnace can end up getting a little dirty. This can create issues like delayed ignition that adds a lot of extra stress on your furnace. The cleaner your burners are kept, the better it will be for your system in the long run. You may have dirty burners if you notice delayed ignition and a booming noise coming from your furnace.
  • Issues with electrical connections: Whether you have an all-electric or a natural gas furnace, you will need a good electrical connection to ensure your system works right. Old, fraying, worn-out electrical wires or problems with your connection between your thermostat and your furnace can lead to problems with your heater. Delayed responses and poor heating can indicate problems with your electrical connections.
  • Problems with your pilot light: If you have a natural gas furnace, you are going to have a pilot light. This pilot light should be a steady, blue flame at all times. If you go to check your pilot light and find that it can’t stay lit for very long or is discolored (burning yellow or red, for example), it is a sign something is wrong with your pilot light that requires repairs.
  • Poor airflow: Last but not least, weak airflow into or out of your furnace can mess with your comfort and be caused by more than one problem. For example, a dirty filter may reduce airflow into the system while leaky ducts can make it hard for heated air to get into your home. Check your filters and be on the alert for weakening airflow so you know when to contact us.

These are just some of the most common repairs that furnaces can encounter. If you notice signs of these issues or indicators of another problem, the response should be the same: contact us! We’ve served the area for more than 12 years and all of our team members are NATE and EPA-certified.

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