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How Does Mobile Home Air Conditioning Work


Your mobile home may be a bit smaller than some other houses, but this doesn’t mean your air conditioning options are limited. Surprisingly enough, there are several options available to you for mobile home air conditioning installation in Wesley Chapel.

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While some mobile home owners may believe window air conditioners are a good choice, this is often not the case. Window units can be noisy and inefficient, requiring several units to match the cooling capacity of one of the indoor air handlers of a central or ductless system. Professional installation of one of the following options may be a better idea for your new mobile home air conditioning system.

Central Air Conditioning

Central split-system air conditioning is a popular choice for residential installation. These systems use an indoor evaporator unit to absorb the heat in your home and a separate outdoor unit to release the heat outside. This type of system is usually fairly cost efficient, but it requires your home to have an existing indoor furnace, with which many mobile homes are already equipped.

Packaged Air Conditioning

If your home does not have an indoor furnace, one of the most popular means of mobile home air conditioning installation is packaged air conditioning. Packaged air conditioners combine all of the components of a split system into one outside unit. This unit is placed outside of your home so that a separate indoor unit is not necessary. Packaged units are often a great solution for the limited space available for AC installation in manufactured homes.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini split air conditioning is a great solution for mobile homes without any existing ductwork installed. As with central air conditioning systems, mini splits require an outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handlers. However, unlike central air conditioning, these systems do not need to use any ducts. Instead, air handlers are installed in different areas of your mobile home, and these freestanding units can often be controlled via individual thermostats.

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