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Ditch the Window AC This Summer

Ditch the Window AC This Summer

Tell us if this sounds familiar.

You’ve been making do these past several years with a window air conditioning unit chugging away to keep things mildly comfortable. However, you now know that you have enough cash to really start looking into getting a permanent and effective air conditioner for your home. But you are feeling a little stuck by the idea of which system is going to meet your needs best.

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If you are in a similar situation of needing to make a choice on your upcoming air conditioning installation in Lutz, we can help. We want to tell you a bit more about what your options are for a new AC system.

Choosing Your Next AC System

When you are starting to consider what AC unit you may want for your home, you are going to want to take a few different factors into account to ensure you are making the right choice. Make sure that you take these different aspects into consideration:

  • Space allowance: Do you have the space for both an indoor and outdoor unit? Or do you only have a small amount of space to use?
  • Cooling needs: How much space do you need to cool down? Do you want to be able to cool the entire home at the same time or do you want the ability to keep certain parts of your home cool while leaving others untouched?
  • The ductwork question: Do you already have ductwork? If not, are you willing to have it installed into your home? Do you have space for that ductwork?

Your Air Conditioning Options

Here are what your key air conditioning options are going to be for your home:

  • Central air conditioning: Central air conditioners are going to require ductwork and indoor and outdoor systems. These systems are ideal for people who are looking for uniform cooling throughout the home. Because the cooled air is blown through ductwork and out through vents in the house, this system will be less apparent inside your home.
  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps are going to be great for people who want a bit more custom control over their home cooling. Heat pumps utilize air handlers around the home to distribute cool air either uniformly or according to your demands–because you can have one air handler running to cool a room without using the others. A couple added bonuses to this system: they run silently, are remote-controlled, and can offer heating comfort too.

Use Professional Services To Kick Things Off

So, if you have an idea of which system you want to choose, the only other thing you need to do is reach out to a professional technician to get the installation done. Trust us when we say this is not a job for an amateur.

When you need professional installation services, you can come to us. We can help with the process of determining which system will best serve your needs too!

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